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Requirements to a research paper and its appearance

The paper should be written on a topical subject, include the results of substantial academic research and reasoning of the received academic results according to the research objective of the paper.
1. Structure of the paper:
- UDC identifier.
- Name and surname of the author (co-authors), academic degree, academic title, position, place of work (in Ukrainian, Russian and English).
- The title of the paper (in Ukrainian, Russian and English).
- Extended (minimum 100 words) abstract (in Ukrainian, Russian and English).
- Keywords (in Ukrainian, Russian and English).

The quality of the English translation of the abstract to the paper and if necessary, the paper itself, is defined by the editorial board of the journal. In case of a low quality of English translation the editors reserve the right to deny in publishing of the paper and send it to the author for improvement.

- Problem setting (description of the problem being analyzed in general and its connection with important academic or practical tasks).
- Recent research and publications analysis on the topic and definition of the unstudied problems of the general topic.
- The paper objective.
- The paper main body with full reasoning of academic results.
- Conclusions and prospects of the further research.
- References in source language.
- References (transliteration).

2. Structure and style of the research paper:
- Structural parts of the paper are in bold;
- References to the materials used, factual and statistic data are obligatory;
- secondary citation is not permitted;
- In the formulas only generally accepted symbols should be used;
- Tables, pictures, diagrams should be numbered and have a name;
- A4, font “Times New Roman”, type size 14, interline 1,5; page settings – 2 cm on all sides;
- Minimum size of the paper – 8 thousand of printed characters with spaces, maximum – 34 thousands. (Paper optimal size – 20-24 thousands of printed characters).


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