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Volume № 2 / 2016

Philosophy, Methodology, Theory and History
of Public Administration

Prykhodchenko L. L. Ukrainian public administration system: horizontal interaction mechanisms
Sierov О. V. Terminological analysis software categorial-conceptual apparatus in the field of knowledge "Public Management and Administration"

Technologies of Public Administration

Yashchenko T. N. Operational planning as a part of strategic planning

Social and Economic Policies

Troshynskyi V. P., Kravchenko M. V., Petroye O. M., Yarosh N. P. The social and humanitarian policy in Ukraine in circs of modern challenges
Diachenko S. A., Fetishchenko Ye. N. Increasing transparency of the planning process of the Ukraine Government budget

Sectoral Management

Dutchak H. O. From history to memory: ways of cooperation and partnership Public Service
Lyndyuk E. A. Strategic priorities for the modernization of civil service of Ukraine under globalization

Regional Governance and Local Self-Governance

Chykarenko I. A. Innovative development as the basis for knowledge economy and informative society becoming
Horbliuk S. A. Status and directions of formation of the regional innovative system in Zhytomyr oblast: managerial aspect

Political and Legal Aspects of Public Administration

Dakal A. V. Reform of the system of institutional care and education of children in the context of their rights protection
Kotelevets D. N. Legislative mechanism for providing national informatization program’s projects examination


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