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Volume № 1 / 2015


Philosophy, methodology,
theory and history of public administration 

Kryshtof N. S. Transformation of economic model of development as the scientific and practical problem of public administration
Yevmieshkina O.L. Defining of the Mission of the State as a foundation for the Public Strategic Planning
Lescheno V.V. Diakov A.A. Impact of globalization on public administration: implications for Ukraine
Kolizhak V.V. Evolution of approaches to classification of emergencies
Technologies of public administration
Tsarenko O.V. Institutional support for governmental regulation of a goal-oriented development of public audit
Obushna N.I. Public audit as a modernization mechanism of public administration in Ukraine
Kislov D.V. E-marketing in the system of e-governance
Social and economic policy
Malysh N.A. Problems of financial support for budget expenditures in Ukraine
Veselska L.A. Foreign experience in solution of the problem of the internally displaced persons in the context of national security
Artemenko A.V. Conceptual foundations of mechanism of ecological safety in Ukraine on the example of introduction of “green” economy
Husakov S.I. Institute of independent directors in the system of public administration of the corporate national economy restructuring
Sectoral management
Lukina T.O., Shoshova A.H. Improvement of the public administration mechanisms in special institutions for children with special educational needs
Vyshniak I.O. Foreign experience of ESCO contracts on the communal services market
Political and legal aspects of public administration
Holub V.V. Political and administrative interaction in the context of modern social development


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