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Volume № 1 / 2016


Philosophy, methodology,
theory and history of public administration 

Voronko L. О., Ukrainian State creation in the period of Hetmanate 1918: the role and importance of P. Skoropadsky’s activity
Bunchuk M. M., The problems of terrorism risk insurance in the analysis of the anti-terrorist policy of Ukraine
Andreyev S. A., Methodological approaches for researching institutional principles of development of the state systems of civil protection
Technologies of public administration
Snitsarenko P. M., Sarychev Yu. О., The role and place of information support in the system of public administration
Semenets-Orlova I. A., Public management of educational changes: transparency, openness, collegiality (using the example of modern Britain)
Social and economic policy
Chervinsky L. Р., The problem of enrichment of labour content in the context of innovative development
Vasylyha N. А., The essence and functions of the household as the subject of market relations
Sectoral management
Veselska M. V., Restructuring of professional activity of public servants in the education sector in the context of the European vector of Ukraine
Gaydash D.S., Pharmaceutical market of the Polish Republic
Kulginskiy E. A., Problems and ways of applying the principle of health in all government policies in low-income countries (literature review)
Regional administration and local self-government
Nyzhnyk O. M., Strategic regional development: conceptualization of the definition
Ovchar N. P., Formation mechanism of state regulation of real sector of the region
Syzon W. G., Educational needs of deputies of village councils
Political and legal aspects of public administration
Ryngach N. А., Lukina T. А., Education as determinant of health in policy of Ukraine: orientations towards achieving goals of sustainable development in the light of Minsk declaration
Hudoshyna O. V., Legal aspects of government regulation of health professional licensing


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